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Between the Age of

Profile for xotxgirlxo

Rating: 7.7

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(720 votes)

Category: women

Age: 19

Status: Dating

Favorite Movie: too many

What You Drive: '01 Bmw 325ci

Tattoos or Piercings: belly button

Do You Smoke: No

Do You Drink: Yes

Have Any Pets: Eskie

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Your City: Dallas

Location: Texas

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By: kungfupower022889 (01-23-2007 19:51)  Rating: 10

You are drop dead beautiful!!!!!!!

By: stagger74 (11-13-2002 15:33)  Rating: 10


By: dauntless12 (11-12-2002 18:25)  Rating: 10

You are the hottest girl on here!!

By: crplayas (11-08-2002 00:54)  Rating: 10

Hey just thought I'd holla and let you know you look good.

By: cole_geramy (11-04-2002 17:21)  Rating: 10

damn can't stop thinking about you, so please mail me back

By: bigstyleld (10-24-2002 19:42)  Rating: 10

what a cutie :) rate me to plz

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